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Ledo is where Music Makers and Content Creators join forces to:

  • Combine their talents

  • Help each other grow

  • Set creativity free

Music makers can


Own What You Make

Keep and control your rights, always. And for a limited time, free unlimited uploads and worldwide distribution.


Collaborate Directly

Partner with influencers to expose your music and grow your fanbase.


Automate Payments

Split royalty earnings and pay everyone out automatically.


Map Your Music

Check the Dashboard to follow vital stats on every track.


Promote With Purpose

Add tracks to Ledo’s Free Music Library to promote your sound.


Meet Your People

Discover like-minded independent creatives and connect with new audiences.

Distribute Your Music

Music Makers, get your tracks on all major social media and music platforms. Free unlimited uploads and distribution for our first six months!

About Distribution

Free Original Music

Ledo's Free Music Library clears the paperwork so artists can upload promotional gems and influencers can use them right away.

About Free Music

Content creators can


Get Free Original Music

Use rights-cleared original tracks for every genre, mood, type and tempo.


Collaborate With Chemistry

Partner freely with your favourite Music Makers. And earn money doing it.


Find Artists You Click With

Discover like-minded independent artists from all over the world.

Collaborate and Create

Music Makers and Content Creators can:

  • Help independent music reach millions

  • Expand each other's fanbases

  • Monetize

Create your exact proposal for a campaign that fits you both.

About Collaboration

Ledo's Launch Deal

To celebrate the launch of Ledo, Music Makers can enjoy free distribution for all of their tracks and keep 100% of their royalties. The collab-house and Free Music Library are and will remain free. As of September 1st 2021, Music Makers choose one of the two:

  • Keep 100% of your royalties for 5 euro per track


  • Enjoy free distribution for a 5% royalty share

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